Saturday, September 5, 2009

Party like a rock star....or a pilgrim

My handsome husband....God Bless him.....could not join us for last nights dinner party.....he was working.....which is a good thing ......cause who knows where we'd be living if I had to earn the paycheck around here....(artist colony?....commune?....raft?)....but when we arrived home (with a dinner plate full of food for him mind you...) he said "Sweet baby Jesus....why did you wear that? That's a little much don't you think? That's ridiculous.....Did anybody see you in that?"

See....that Friday bbq that we were invited to? As it turned out it wasn't a was more of a Mexican Fiesta with bruschetta.....(had I only known I could of worn the proper attire and brought a pinata) the girl who lives here wanted to know if we should put "nice clothes on" for dinner......Ummmm...bad thing to ask your costume loving I said "SURE.....let's wear something nice"...

....Considering the fact that I only own 1....... count 'em 1 "real dress" ......I call it the funeral dress.....cause that's all I wear it options are pretty limited....and I figured's almost fall.....and I'm bringing corn....what kinda outfit goes with corn?

Ahhhh.....wait a minute...I have just the thing.

Here I am checking out one of their fine heads of my Pilgrim outfit I snatched up at the Church rummage sale last year for $3
They have melons......I don't even have melons.....I'm jealous.

I was telling the host and hostess about my upcoming Sausage stuffing party....telling them how I already had my costume.....and that although "dressing up" is optional at my party.....
costumes are highly recommended....

He just kinda laughed and said "when would I ever wear lederhosen again?"

Are you kidding me?

I've already worn my pilgrim getup 4 times....

I'm sure he will find another occasion to wear lederhosen.....


  1. Oh my lands, you crack me up! And your husband sounds just like mine---thoughtlessly blunt and easily embarrassed. They need us crazy ladies to keep them limber, me thinks.

  2. Trust me...they need us.....I have no doubt about that. Sometimes I find it quite amazing that they are able to get in the car and drive somewhere all by themselves.

  3. I don't know if you'll see this comment since your post is so old, but I love your blog so much I had to go back to the beginning to read it all. I was hoping to get some hints on all the nicknames (no luck, but that's okay). Seriously, I can't get enough. It's like a good book to me and I want to keep reading. Anyway, I couldn't help but laugh out loud at this page. You crack me up!!!


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