Thursday, November 19, 2009

Seattle Marathon 2009... bring on the rain...

This morning while drinking my 3rd cup of tea it finally dawned on me that I ought to prepare for walking this marathon in the rain... it being in Seattle and all... and because it takes place at the end of November... Ya...I think it might just rain. So I strapped on my road id determined to test a few of my apparel options.
Test item #1 Shower caps....according to Internet sources... a good way to keep your shoes dry while walking in the rain is to cover them with shower caps...
All I can say is thank goodness I am married... can you imagine trying to start a conversation with a single lady who has shower caps on her feet? First of all... what sane person goes walking with shower caps on her public...where do you even FIND shower caps? Does she live with her grandmother or something? Oh... and I just noticed...she can't even match her socks...That's awesome :) And by the way... when was the last time she shaved...what is she..French? Ya...that one... she's a keeper alright.
Here is trial my outfit... I say my outfit only because I'm wearing it... I don't actually own it... I borrowed it from my super chic neighbor girly girl... because I don't give a rip if I look stylish while I'm working I'm cheap...and unwilling to fork over big bucks for said stylish outfit. I'll just wait for girly girl to put this out at her yard sale and then buy the complete set for 5 bucks.

And another thing to note... if I happen to look thinner than the last time you saw me... it's because I now have no arse... apparently I do in fact need those extra 1500 calories a day I normally get from 5 fun size candy bars, cake, pie and 3 cookies to survive... who knew?
But because I'm already 5 days into the "no eating sweets for 2 weeks" challenge...
I'm going to continue to eat no sweets until the marathon.
Umm...ya... so the shower cap on the shoes did not work out so well. After about 4 miles I looked down and saw this...

Now what?

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  1. Yup...I thought that might happen to them! :) How about hot water bottles? ;-)


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