Tuesday, November 17, 2009

What are you wearing for Christmas?

I may have told you before... that I only own 1 real dress... I call it the funeral dress...
1). It's black
2). Has been worn to 3 funerals
3). Was purchased from Ann Taylor with a gift card from my mother and... is quite frankly the nicest thing I own... unless you count my pink tutu... which is quite lovely in itself.

But since I wore the hot pink tutu to my mother's Easter party this year... I cannot wear it to my mother's annual Christmas Extravaganza. So what's a frugal girl to do?
Have you been shopping for fine evening wear lately?
Who on earth would pay those prices...
Wait... I know... people on crack...
Or people who live in Orange County, CA
Bit since I am neither on crack nor do I live in Orange County... I did the next best thing...
I went to Goodwill.
And tried on a few possibilities...
My new best friend Teresa told me I looked stunning in the black and white sequined mermaid fitted dress... She said it looks as if it was made for me... A perfect fit she said.
When I look at this dress I think it says... "

Hello 1985... which way to the prom?

Then there was this number... Classy... and obviously a bridesmaids dress.... I'm sure the poor poor girl who had to pay several hundreds of dollars for this beauty was told "trust me... you'll be able to wear this several times"... by the bride.
I kinda like it though... it sorta has an understated elegance about it. It even looks good in black and white...
Now this one... would of been my first choice if I was say... 50 years old... and going on a cruise... and needed something for formal night... because I was sitting at the captains table... let's say... in 1988.
And this one... Holy crackers... are you kidding me?
Now tell me who doesn't appreciate a good gold threaded/sequined bow on the front of their formal wear? I think the bow could possibly even double as a bib/napkin in a pinch...

which dress do you think I should wear to Christmas dinner?


  1. I love this post!!!! Mavis, you look great in all of them! If you're going for classy, I like the pink bride's maid dress. If you're going for fun, I like the black and white one- how can you not feel fun in those sleeves?!

  2. I'm diggin the pink one. You can totally accessorate it with things you have & look stunning as ever for hecka cheap!! I mean, frugal.

  3. DEFINITELY BLACK AND WHITE MERMAID! What Goodwill do you go to that has such nice looking dressing rooms? Loving how you're blocking out your Dana Point life :)

  4. The pink classy one. Absolutely. Looks stunning on you.

  5. I agree...the pink one is great...you could do some amazing things with that one...cute little cropped sweater, etc...

    AND the mermaid one IS fabulous...depends how much you want to "stand out"...really is lovely on you! I mean it!


  6. The people have spoken... now, you'll just have to wait til I post the Christmas pictures to find out which dress I really picked :)


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