Sunday, February 7, 2010

Chicken Love...

The handsome husband picked me up a truck load of dirt this morning...

To fill the 2 new garden boxes he built me a few weeks ago...

The chickens were hoping the new batch of dirt was filled with grubs and worms... so when they saw it they came running...

I offered free wheelbarrow rides...

Do you wheel your chickens around the backyard in a wheelbarrow?
I do...

The girl who thinks she's a bird said...
"CHICKENS RULE! Can we get some more?"

I think they're pretty cool too...

Have I told you lately how much I LOVE being a chicken momma?

It's amazing to me how gentle and sweet chickens are... Before we ordered our birds last summer I read a book about raising chickens... and it said "The more you interact with them, the friendlier they become."

Umm... I'd have to agree...


  1. I love it.:) Those are quite some helpers you have there. Ours like to go for wheelbarrow rides as well but only 6 of our 13 are really friendly. "You know your a redneck if you push chickens around in a wheelbarrow." Thanks for the tip on crab legs, I'll let Mrs. H know.

  2. Mr.H... that was funny... I have no idea why my neighbors think I'm strange... if you ask me I think they're the strange ones...the world would be a better place if more of us kept chickens :)

  3. Usually I say I'm envious of something because it's a nicer term, but gosh dang it, I am freaking jealous! I want some chickens to love on! (Erm....then again, I bet my Golden does, too....)

    Are you outside city limits or does your town let you keep chickens?

  4. Amy... Actually... I think we live just outside the city limits... I think...and anyway... they are "PET BIRDS" not chickens... I think a lot of places have rules against "chickens" but not "pet birds" :) A pet bird is TOTALLY DIFFERENT...right?

    Tori... I have no idea what you are talking about (my favorite thing to say to the handsome husband). Again... I have no idea what you are talking about...but I DO LIKE SURPRISES!!!

  5. I think that everyone should have chickens, too. They are so easy, so relaxing and provide eggs and compost - and if your not a whimp like me, they can also provide meat. You should get a few Easter-Egger/Americaunas - because green eggs are fun!

    And then, maybe a rabbit or two.... rabbit manure is also excellent fertilizer - it doesn't even need to be composted first.

    Then maybe a mini dairy goat....


  6. Pines- I second that on the rabbits. I will have more than enough fertilizer for all my gardens once the winter is over from my rabbits. I just wish they laid eggs. p.s. anyone in minnesota need some free rabbit fertilizer or want to buy a rabbit that will make fertilizer for them? I have extras.

  7. I don't think our chickens have ever had the pleasure of a wheelbarrow ride. They tend to run from us unless we carry kitchen scraps, of course. Our neighbor, on the other hand, has held and pet his rooster since he was a young cockerel (the chicken, not the neighbor) and this rooster still lets him hold him and pet him. Marv would protest to say the very least. He's way too proud to let his ladies see him being pet by a human.

  8. 'pet birds'!?! I LOVE IT! :-D

  9. Primitive Pines... you and your bunnies :) I DO have an Easter Egger on my list... I really want blue/green eggs!

    Jen... I'm all for creatures that lay eggs :)

    Thyhand...Marv is such a performer... I can't wait to meet him :)


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