Thursday, February 4, 2010

Mavis's weekly photo update...

I use to think I was a little coo coo for chopping up veggie scraps for the chickens... then I found out that Mr. H does it too... now I don't think I'm so weird.

9 jars and 1 acorn squash... that's what I'm hoping to use up this week from the canned food isle in my pantry...

I'm beginning to think there is something unnatural about my latest breakfast/lunch combo... beans, rice and avocado... It's the second thing I think about when I wake up each morning...(the first is coupons).

I planted some kale seeds... and I don't care if it's too early... I'm telling you it's not. Winter is over... and that's all I have to say about that!

Also... in other news... me and my new BFF...
(the sewing machine) are finishing up a forgotten project...
I'm so excited to get back into sewing that I have another project lined up too...

and... would you believe it? I found a website that shows you where to find coupons for ORGANIC PRODUCTS...( Here Here Here and Here) Yipee Ya Whoooo.

And lastly... I'm in need of a few idea's on how to use up 4 lbs of sour cream...
I couldn't resist the .29cent price tag... and just so you know...
I had coupons for 4 more tubs...
but I resisted...
will power...
it's all about will power baby!


  1. Make the Handsome Husband a tasty Super Bowl Treat! (And tell him it was my idea of course) Use one packet of Lipton (or generic brand) dry onion soup mix and just stir it into the sour cream. It is my favorite dip ever. I always dip with regular ruffles or wavy lays.

  2. I *think* if you go to the tillamook site and sign up for their newsletter there are coupons or coupon codes...Plus we really need to plan on attending one of their cheese tour events. Look it up.

  3. Mavis, I (we) are very weird so if you copy us that makes you really weird...but in a good way.:) I bet the chickens loved it.

    I do agree with you, winters over. Lets get the gardening show on the up for us is onions and celery.

    Of course, I love your breakfast/lunch and recently told my wife that I want a Mexican feast with avocados for my birthday. We make it easy and cook whatever the other one wants on birthdays, she has yet to reveal her wishes. Micki saved your organic sites in her favorite folder...thanks!

    Hmm, she just said she wants Alaskan King Crab legs..pretty darn expensive.

  4. The Pioneer Woman has a tasty sour cream chicken recipe on her website. Would work out well if you score any coupons for organic free range anti antibiotic chicken and you might be able to use up some of that stashed cheese :) Robin

  5. Interesting ~ what Leopard Girl suggested to you Mavis is the dip I grew up with! Brought back some good memories...thanks Leopard Girl! :)

  6. Hamburger Stroganoff always a hit at our house.

  7. Leopard Girl... Luckily the sour cream is good til April... I'll have to wait for a coupon for the Lipton Soup mix... Good idea... he will like that one.

    Tori... thanks for the hot tip... I look forward to MORE CHEESE... We need to plan a road trip...

    Mr. H... King crab sounds expensive... and last I heard there are no coupons for fresh seafood...hmmm... that's a tricky one. I'm super excited about the organic coupons... I've already scored 2 cans of FREE soup from Wild Harvest Organics...

    Robin... good idea... I'll look it up... I bought some organic chicken this week...maybe I'll use it for that recipe :)

    Camille... Leopard Girls dip does sound good... but I only have dumb dortios... and I think she's right...onion dip should be served with wavy lays potato chips...

    Viki... I would of never thought of that... I have hamburger... I have noodles... and I have sour are awesome :)

  8. I couldn't sleep, so here I am again! :) I definitely would recommend wavy lays for that dip ~ maybe you can get double coupons for it.

    AND ~ I missed your question about the sour cream ~ I just posted a recipe (second post down) for Idaho Tacos and they are yummy. It will use up more of your cheese AND some sour cream...hope you like them! :)

    Have a great day!


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