Thursday, August 27, 2009

How to use 36 eggs in 36 hours or less.....

Back on Monday I was desperately in search of how to use up the 36 eggs
in the frig.....undetected....So if you were thinking I had finally lost my crackers and used all the eggs to toss at my neighbors house in a midnight rampage you were wrong.....I have actually been stuck in the kitchen for the past three days....canning and baking and staying up all night because I started those oven roasted tomatoes at 4pm and was having "oven anxiety" til 1am last night because I could not go to bed with the oven on....nope couldn't do it..... so I stayed up all night reading blogs (cause who wants to read the news) and finally decided on what it is I want to do to keep myself busy after gardening season. So there...that's where I have been.
So, back to my weird husband and the egg issue......

So if you ever find yourself in a situation where your handsome husband has issues with eating homegrown eggs.....our only option for eggs by the way....(does he realize we grow vegetables here too?) then follow this little bit of advise....
TRICK HIM.....pull the wool over his high and low for recipes that you can hide eggs's easier than trying to out smart the kids I tell ya.....once you accept that your handsome husband (who goes to work everyday so you don't have to) is a weirdo....take a deep breath and move on step 2..... how to solve the problem.
There is me....

So hang on..... here we go.....
2 Eggs = Giant batch of the best ever (especially if you need a little fiber in your diet)
Mavis's fully loaded oatmeal cookies.
6 Eggs = MamaJJ's Russian Pancakes (Crepes)
The monkeys and I made these for lunch on Monday.... used 1 pint of strawberries and some whipping cream and maple syrup for the filling.....yumm!

6 Eggs = ThyHands Baked oatmeal (w/blackberries)...great for breakfast and dessert (with a scoop of vanilla ice cream) ....I'll be making this again!

10 eggs = Egg Bread ....this bread is so yummy I can hardly stand it!
During my baking eggstravaganza the hens laid another 12 eggs.....bringing my total eggs up to 48...I had high hopes of clearing out my egg cartons this I kept on baking......

4 Eggs= French Toast (with the egg bread)
7 Eggs =40 cupcakes & 1 layer carrot cake
We are attending a neighborhood bbq this weekend and I offered to bring I thought I'd whip up some cupcakes (chocolate and carrot cake) for the kids and a giant blackberry cobbler for the adults.
Over the years I have found that when making cakes/cupcakes's best to bake a few days or even weeks ahead of time and freeze the unfrosted cakes in the freezer.....I then pull out the frozen cakes a few hours before I need them and then frost them. They turn out a bit more moist that way.

6 Eggs = 4 Loaves Zucchini Bread (w/chocolate chips & raisins)
Because the good Lord knows that the 21 zucchini breads I already have in the freezer are not going to be enough to get me thru winter.....and cause I have no idea what else to do with the giant 8ball zucchinis (that I won't ever be growing again thank you very much) that are STILL growing in my garden.

5 Eggs = Buttermilk Pineapple Pie
this is the best stinkin pie EVER!!!!! If you like custard pies....and coconut and pineapple then this is the pie for you!

1 Giant Egg = Meatloaf (tonight's dinner)

1 Egg = the girl who lives here asked if she could have an egg for an experiment.....apparently if you place an egg in vinegar in about a day or two the shell will exciting....

Ahhhh....task completed.....
funny thing......I was going to make popovers tonight to go with the meatloaf....but I'm out of eggs....anyone have 4 I can borrow?


  1. It's rare I read a blog post that makes me tired, but you did it, woman! Way to go. So, how well does french toast and cupcakes do in the mail?

  2. Ahhh Mavis. Only you.
    Will you please email me the recipe for the coconut/pineapple pie? Thanks :)
    xoxo Leopard Girl

  3. So does this flurry of extreme baking mean you are done canning now?

    And what IS it that you've decided you'll do after this canning is over?

    About the eggs: I like to have three dozen on hand at all times---and that's a minimum! I feel more comfortable when I have four dozen stashed in the fridge.

  4. Thyhand......cupcakes do ship rather nicely in the mail..... :)
    Meester: I will email it to you this afternoon
    MamaJJ: canning is not completed....maybe another 2 weeks to go.....I'm 95% sure on what I am going to do....but you'll have to wait for that post....and 4 dozen eggs in the fridge? U R CRAZY....that would stress me out.....

  5. Another request for the buttermilk pineapple pie recipe. A friend referred me to your blog when I asked for ideas for what I could do with the 16 dozen eggs in my fridge...our hens keep laying, but eggs haven't been selling as well this month.


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