Saturday, September 26, 2009

I believe in miracles......

It's 11 am and what a surprise.... I'm still in my pj's....
I have yet another party to attend to this evening....and I'm suppose to bring a carrot cake.
I asked the handsome husband to go to the store for me (VERY RISKY).
I asked him to buy 4 things....
and oh my frickin stars....he came home with only 4 things...


  1. Wow that is shocking -Bat usually comes home with little debbies, and everything else.

  2. What carrot cake recipe do you use? I just made my first one yesterday for The Pirate's grandpa's birthday!

  3. And- Leopard Girl has yet another special request. In honor of her birthday, she would like something special in the 'View From The Garden Gate Photo" October 4th edition.

  4. Carrot cake recipe coming soon....will do a special Oct.4th photo....but be careful what you ask for :)


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