Monday, September 28, 2009

To Do List: look for new friends......

So last week I sent out an email to about 20 people.....asking them if they wanted to join me in walking the Seattle Marathon on Thanksgiving weekend......I had no idea my friends could be so supportive... Here is a few of the email responsives I've recieived so far:

.....Are you on that soccer mom crack again?..... FYI> I've never been on Soccer Mom Crack

...Sorry but we are booked at the Salish Lodge for a Spa weekend...

....First of all, I think you are insane, you mean to tell me you would rather walk 26 miles in the rain instead of going shopping with your Mother,Rita, and Leopard Girl.... you are crazy!

....That's funny...I didn't know they allowed motorized scooters on the race course....good luck with that one!

....How many days are they going to give you to finish?

......Sorry but my Thanksgiving weekend activities include eating, shopping and relaxing....

....My in-laws are in it's possible that after having to spend 3 days with them I might join you as a late registrant just to get away from sad is that?

And then finally I received two promising emails....

..... It sounds like fun....if I am in town I'd be interested in jogging it...because 26 miles seems kinda too far to walk...I'll let you know..... (Nice, but I have no intention on "jogging")

...... After much thought I think... I might ...... after all who could resist a day full of ,of, of, of ... walking in the rain just talking in the .. what a glorious feeling to be tadalala happy again.. I will do it.. I will do it Thank you Thank you Mavis you have made my day!!!!! Mrs. Hillbilly (What?)

Now....I read Mrs Hillbilly's incoherent comment several times....and still didn't get what she was trying to tell me......other than Yes, she is crazy enough to walk with me. And let me tell you....there just may be a benefit to walking 26.2 miles with a crazy person...

for 1. It's entertaining.....

2. Weird people will stay away from you...
3. We may get medical attention sooner than if I had a "normal" walking buddy.

I have decided that every Monday until the marathon will be a
"Marathon Monday Update" post.
That way I don't bore you with stupid walking stories.

Longest Distance walked so far:

Mavis 14.2 miles

Mrs. Hillbilly: 9.4


  1. I'm sure your walking stories are just as smart as any other walking stories.

  2. You just made me smile (really big smile) with this post...funny! :)

    Have a great time walking and let us know how it goes for you!!!



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