Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Goodbye tomatoes....see you next year....

This weekend was declared "fall clean up."
So under the guidance of the handsome husband
("tell me what to rip up")
we cleaned out most of the garden boxes.
But first I had to pick all the "good" green tomatoes off the plants....
It is my understanding that if I put these down the the food storage room that they will slowly ripen over the next month or two.....I must say that I am skeptical....but I will give it a try....

We also picked the Long Island squash, hubbard squash and a few of the acorn squash as well.
I placed about 117lbs of green tomatoes in boxes lined in newspaper and set them in the storage room.... We'll see what happens. I really hope it works out and they turn red...otherwise I am going to end up with moldy tomatoes, fruit flies and rats....rats everywhere.

Well actually I don't think I'll end up with rats....because last winter...a field mouse snuck into the house and hid out in the storage room ...until the handsome husband found him...and shot him. So there is probably a bit of dead mouse essence in the air down there to ward off all the would be freeloading mice. But who knows for sure.

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  1. Mavis,
    I do wrap each of my tomatoes seperatley with newspaper and they do ripen slowly of course I only had 20! Your so lucky 117 pounds of tomatoes to have for later use!


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