Monday, January 25, 2010

$7 a day... are you kidding me?

Clearly this man has never shopped for food before in his life...
(click on the above link & watch the video)

Are you kidding me?

He is trying to feed himself on $7 a day for an entire work week. 5 days = $35) ... Last year he didn't even make it the entire 5 days. I can't imagine why....


  1. Well ~ interesting thought behind it. Thanks for sharing the link Mavis. :)

    On another note ~ I posted a recipe that will use up some of your cheese. You could do thawed corn from last year's supply, and cook some black beans from scratch ~ making it more healthy and economical.

    Have a lovely day!

  2. Camille...I like the thought behind it... but this guy does not know how to shop for food as if he was really trying to maximize his $7 a day. Hmmm... maybe I will do a little blog about if I were to spend $7 a day on food for just myself...then donate the extra food to the food bank... like I said I do like the idea of bringing awareness to the problem...just not his shopping logic.

    As for the taco salad...yummm a rooo. I'll have to make room for that one this week :)

  3. I was only two minutes into the video before I noticed myself cringing and mentally yelling "Don't buy that!!" Yikes.

  4. LOL ~ I didn't actually watch the video, so maybe it would be more "eye opening" or discouraging if I did. I calculated that for a family of four the amount spent would be over $800 per month ~ for just food ~ so, it's actually quite a generous budget. (As you are well aware!)

    I am sure you will like the salad ~ we do! :)

    Have a great day!

  5. Amy... I know... I had to pause it twice because I kept yelling at the video.

    Camille... thanks, you too :)


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