Monday, January 25, 2010

Weekly Dinner Update... Week 3 of 52

Monday night we had homemade chicken soup, baked potato and popovers...
I added lemon curd to mine...

Tuesday night we were at the school and ate a yummy dinner of Pad Thai.
One of the kids parents owns a Thai restaurant and donated enough food for a small army... it was my favorite meal out of the whole two weeks.

Wednesday night at the school we ate pasta with garlic bread and salad.

Thursday night they were serving soft tacos at the school... the taco meat looked gross so we just ate the free homemade cookies and ate beans and rice when we got home...

Friday night
...the last night of the play... someone had donated pizzas and cesar salad... and there was like 11 pizza's left over so we brought one of the extras home... and also a bucket full of salad... which was pretty cool since after spending 5 hours a day for the last two weeks volunteering down at the school I planned on spending my entire Saturday in bed... and I saw the free food as an added bonus... (as in I wouldn't have to leave my bedroom to make the people who live in this house breakfast or lunch the next day).

Saturday we ate yummy buffalo soft taco's with homemade refried beans.
Camille's refried beans are my new best friend... I made a second batch this week and I just can't get enough of them...

Sunday... after picking up 15 bags of free cheese on a hot coupon deal... I decided to make a batch of homemade mac & cheese...Yummm...

I suspect next weeks menu will include A LOT OF CHEESE...

Does anyone have any (cheesy dinner) suggestions?


  1. Everything looks delicious! What is a popover? It looks yummalish!!

    As for a cheesy treat I'd suggest a homemade version of Poutine...french fries slathered in gravy & topped with a huge portion of melted cheese. It's delish, comforting & sure to help get rid of some of your cheese =)

  2. Maybe I will post my Mexican Salad recipe this week ~ it uses cheese. I just have to type out the recipe to do it. :)

    I am SO glad you are enjoying those refried beans ~ you will never go back to the stuff from tins!

    Oh...Autumn Chowder uses lots of cheese ~ maybe I will post that one too. I don't believe I have a pic of that one ~ so it may take longer to get it online. Lasagne is a great cheese user and grilled cheese sandwiches will help use up your supply. That's it for ideas at the moment. :)

    Have a great week!

  3. That Pad Thai does look delicious- that's one of my favorites. I wish my parents ran a Thai restaurant....

    Our Ham (or Sausage) Souffle uses lots of cheese and it's a great winter comfort food. Here's the link:

  4. Kathy... It's a yummy giant bread roll... you bake it in a "popover pan"..super delish... I usually see popover pans at the thrift store... check their first before shelling out $15 for one at Target :)

    Camille... I didn't think of lasagna...that's a good one...I have those noodles in the pantry!

    Thyhand...That's right... the ham dish... I'll have to take out the extra ham I have in the freezer that I brought home from my Mother's house at Christmas. We are going to be eating very well this week!


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