Sunday, January 24, 2010

Tales of Extreme Couponing...

If you were wondering where I have been for the last 48 hours...

Well... all I can say is this...

I blame Mrs. H for EVERYTHING!

Last week when I asked if you used coupons...

One of my peeps Mrs.H said "Why yes, Mavis... I use coupons ALL the time... in fact... here's a great site you should check out." Which I did... and then that site lead me to another... and before you know it I had more coupons in my boney little hand than I could grasp.

So where have I been you ask?

Out shopping... with coupons...

and apparently in my momentary lapse of judgement... I jumped BACK ON the processed food chain... Holy Crap I practically slathered corn syrup all over myself...

132 cans of soda (stashed away for a party this summer)
6 boxes of cereal (I fell of the wagon...what can I say?)
4 boxes fruit/crap snacks (they were FREE and I'm not keeping them (donation)
2 bags of chips (for the Handsome husband)
2 jars of gross processed icky smelly cheese (for the handsome husband)
Brewski (Handsome Husband)
100 Tea Bags (for me)
Crappy Instant Oatmeal (FREE, not keeping it (donation)
Thera Flu (Free...potential Christmas gift basket item :)
2 Containers of Wet Ones (for the car)

1 Thera Flu (Free... potential Christmas gift basket item)
4 Glade Candles (Free... potential Christmas gift basket item)

2 MORE boxes of Thera Flu (FREE... potential Christmas item)
3 Tuna Fish
2 cans of peanuts
200 tea bags (for me)
4 Cough Syrup (FREE...I don't need them... I'm donating these)
2 Lip Gloss (FREE... potential Christmas gift basket item)


6lbs of Butter and 15 bags of cheese $7.60
I foresee a LOT of quesadilla's in our future...

2 Shampoo's & 2 Hershey bars.... .70 cents!

2 Shampoo's, 2 deodorant's and 2 packs of razors... .76cents!


Basically... you can assume two things...

#1 COCD (coupon obsessive compulsive disorder)
has both it's good & bad points...

#2 There is a high likely hood that if I exchange Christmas gifts with you... this year... you will be receiving a "Health & Wellness" gift basket... filled of course with FREE coupon items...


  1. MamaJJ & Thyhand... I'm such a loser! I hit the reject button instead of the PUBLISH button....I'M SOOOO SORRY.... your comments were AWESOME!

    Thyhand... I don't know about helping at a soup kitchen... I have a fear of talking to strangers (believe it or not)... BUT I have signed up to work down at the community garden this summer...which GROWS FOOD for the food bank...

    I've also been thinking a lot lately about volunteering over at the food bank... but I'm afraid of saying the wrong thing... like pointing out coupon bargains or coming across as uppity... so for now... I'm happy to donate the extra Freebee's...


    #1 NO... homeless people don't deserve to eat junk/crap food...BUT it was FREE... and just because I'm not going to eat it doesn't mean I shouldn't pick it up (for FREE) and hand it over to someone who will.

    #2 If the Handsome Husband gets sick from eating all the junk food I WILL NOT give him the thera flu... Too Bad For Him!

    #3 I think you are going to be highly disappointed that you are not on my gift basket full of "Health and Wellness" free items list... after all... this is ONLY January... I can't wait to see how much crap is in those baskets come December :)

    #4 I'm thinking about $48-$49 for all the above items... I'm to lazy to get out the calculator...

    #5 NO>>> you cannot have the chocolate... I already sold it to the kids... at .08cents a bar...they know a good deal when they see one...and YES... I really did sell it to them...

  2. Mr. H... Maybe Mrs. H will ease up and let you have a bag of Doritos if she can get them for ultra cheap... maybe... after and chips are a "Man Food"... tell her she can get a free sample of pitted plums for herself on

  3. Bummer we don't have a Fred Meyers here I use a lot of cheese making omelets, pizza, add it to chili and refried beans, grilled cheese sandwiches and mac n cheese.
    I commend you for sharing with the homeless, our donation this year was to have the nephews play their violins during the Thanksgiving meal. The shelter said it was the first time anybody asked if they could play at Thanksgiving. The people really seemed to enjoy the dinner music and it was a great experience for the kids.


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