Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Mavis and her coupons... it's a love story...

I'm a VERY big fan of coupons... DOUBLE COUPONS that is...

I'm sure everybody out there has a store that will "double your coupon"...
but sadly... I don't know anyone else personally... who uses them...

The only people I ever see using double coupons are mom's like me... with identical items in their carts...and their envelopes in hand... checking and re-checking the coupons and the size and weight of the item... In fact... I don't think I have ever seen a man with a coupon... why is that?
Hang on... let me ask the handsome husband:

"Have you ever used a coupon?"
Why not?
"Do they have coupons for beer and chips?"
"Sometimes... If I found you a coupon for beer or chips... would you use it?"
"Because coupons are for girls...and anyway...
I don't go to the grocery store... that's your job..."


Some of the crazy coupon ladies even have fancy smancy binders with clear plastic dividers in them separating the coupons... but I'm cheap... I just stuff them into a plastic zip lock bag and carry it around with me in my purse... I started using this particular zip lock bag last summer... and it's still holding up...

Okay... see the price of the salad dressing... $1.99...
but when combined with the double coupon...

Yipee ya whoooo.....

Today I used double coupons for *free salad dressing, and *free yogurt...
The funny thing is... if it weren't for the *free coupons* I wouldn't buy this stuff... in fact... I've never bought this brand of salad dressing or these brands of yogurts before... but if they are FREE, then heck ya... I'll toss 'em in the cart...

The only thing I had to pay for was 2lbs of my favorite brand of cheese...
and that was on sale too...


I know... I know... your thinking Mavis... I don't have time to clip coupons...

On average I probably spend about 30 minutes a week clipping and matching coupons...
and typically I come home with a bunch of free if not nearly free food.

For me... it's time well spent.

How about you... do you clip coupons?


  1. Hi Mavis,

    It's Mrs. H. I love coupons too!! Why would anyone want to pay full price when they can get it cheap or better yet, free?? Here's a link I look at regularly, this gal tips me off to the best deals at Albertson's, Safeway, and Fred Meyers. http://www.frugalchicliving.blogspot.com/

    My strategy is to look at what's on sale then try to find & print coupons online for the products I use or need. Combine that with a doubler and bingo!! I'm the one who took your survey and said I won't shop without one. Boy, do I get after Mr. H when he says he needs something right now and my response is always, "why didn't you tell me before you ran out so I could find a good deal on it?"

  2. Yes indeed!! I'm a die hard coupon clipper. I grew up clipping coupons (I was the youngest of 10) We get our Saturday morning paper and I plop my fanny on my recliner and scour the ads & coupons and make a morning of it. When I go grocery shopping I have my list made down to a science. First produce, meat, dairy, canned (if any is NEEDED...we tend to stay away from canned and use our homecanned goods) frozen (veggies that we are unable to grow up in the U.P. of MI) I write down the size of the product that I can purchase with my coupon so I don't accidently grab the wrong size & create chaos at the checkouts. Having such a detailed list gets me in and out of the store without buying unnecessary tempting foods that we simply do not NEED and we save more $$$!! I have my hubby trained too as far as coupons go. Who doesn't get an euphoric high when the cashier tallys up your order, sees how much the total is & then you hand over your coupons and watch that total go down?? Cha ching!!! It always makes me smile & often times the cashier says "wow, that's awesome"

  3. Oh to live in the States where double coupons abound!! I am always amazed at how you can get stuff for free ~ I think there must be a law against that here!! Yes, I do use coupons (occasionally), but they are not usually too worthwhile. When the kids were babies ~ I ALWAYS made sure to get the diapers on sale and with a coupon...THAT was worthwhile ~ but never for free! :)

    Ohhhhh...I LOVE Tillamook cheese ~ that's one of the things I cross the border for. In fact, I plan to go today...gasoline for the van, chickens (to cook), butter and eggs ~ now THAT is where I make my food $$$ stretch! USA here I come! :)

    Have a terrific day!

  4. I am not nearly as skilled as you, but yes, we do clip coupons!

  5. Thyhand... I think the key is to clip all the coupons... then wait to see if there is a double coupon and if the item is on sale... even if I don't want an item... if it's free... then I will pick it up and donate it to the food bank... It's way more fun then spending $20 to get your nails painted... or hanging out at the wine bar like the rest of my neighbors...

    MamaJJ... I like coupons.com, smartsource.com and the Sunday paper... then I match those coupons up with the Albertson's (local store) coupons... I'm sure there is a store in your area that has double coupons... just ask.

    Mrs. H...I had a feeling it was you who said "I don't shop unless I have a coupon"... I have not seen that website yet so I will have to check it out...Thanks for the hot tip! You simply cannot beat Albertson's and their double coupons... Because they will only let you use 3 at a time... I often buy my items, take them to the car and go back in again and use another 3 double coupons... it fun!

    Kathy...I cannot believe your husband will use a coupon... that is amazing... Double coupons are way better than soccer mom crack! :)

    Camille... Tillamook is simply the best cheese ever!

    Leopard Girl...I'm glad to hear you are not a coupon snob... You know, you could put together a gift basket of salad dressings or teas (that you got for free using coupons) and give them away as Christmas gifts... That would be funny... and useful too!

  6. Have you seen those Tillamook anniversary cheese wheels at Costco? That's what I asked for - and received - for my birthday...

    I tend to agree with Mama JJ - I look through all the coupons, but I only clip for stuff I would buy without a coupon. It seems like 80% of the coupons are for stuff I try to avoid buying (processed food or food w/HFCS, for instance).

  7. Tori... No I didn't see the cheese wheels at Costco...hmm... I'll have to look next time I'm there... I'm sure you'd be clipping coupons if there was one for Arby's... or Wendy's :)

  8. Mrs. Mac... I agree with you on the cleaning supply issue... don't tell my husband but I have been putting vinegar and water in the same Windex bottle for years...

  9. Mavis .. I do the same with the window cleaner and add blue food coloring .. hubby is not the wiser;) .. add a little ammonia .. to give it that good windex scent ;0)

  10. I had to comment again after my recent trip to the grocery store. I do not clip coupons, but who needs to when you shop at a store like mine? It's a non-chain, average size grocery store and they do have coupon circulars. The best part? Their employees clip the coupons out and TAPE THEM on the discounted items. Can you believe it?! I can't believe I forgot to mention this initially. Anyway, I saved $6 during my last trip by buying things on my list that happened to have coupons taped to them. When are you moving East, dear Mavis? Huh? Huh? It's like they trying to woo you with their taped on coupons:-).

  11. Like Camille - there are no stores that do double coupons where I live...


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