Monday, January 18, 2010

Weekly Dinner Update .....Week 2 of 52

Monday we ate "crunchy bean chili"... I dubbed it "crunchy" because apparently you need to soak pinto beans longer than 8 hours.... Who knew? I do... when the tribe started to complain I reminded them about the starving kids all over the world and how they would be happy to eat my crunchy bean chili... So then basically ... the rest of dinner was eaten in an awkward silence (except for the crunch...crunch...crunch sound)
And since I had no takers for a round of seconds... I wised up and dumped the whole pot of crunchy chili in the crock pot and let it cook on low overnight... and what do you know... it softened those beans right up!

Tuesday we had nachos (with the leftover chili) for both lunch and dinner...

Wednesday we ate left over pancakes...

Thursday I got sucked into helping at the school again (so we ate there...pasta and crunchy ice burg lettuce and garlic bread (hey, it was free).

Friday night was free food again (helped out at the school til 8pm) and it was "sandwich night"... I think this was turkey... and a couple of Doritos's and carrots...

Saturday we ate beans and rice... not the most exciting dinner on the planet... but it was gooood....Kinda like comfort food... but without all the grease... and really... when you think about it... most people around the world...probably eat beans or rice on a daily basis...

Sunday I made oven roasted chicken, carrots...and wild rice...

I'm kinda proud of this dinner... we normally eat white this organic wild rice was an improvement...apparently it's 100% whole grain...(is white rice not a whole grain?) I'm not sure why there is a crane on the cranes hang out in rice fields? And another thing... I didn't know they grew rice in California...interesting.

So... to recap...

I tried 3 new things this week:

#1 Real homemade chili

#2 Real refried beans...that weren't fried

#3 Nutritious wild rice...

Hey... this whole trying to eat healthier thing is kinda fun!

Did you try something new this week? C'mon...what was it????


  1. You're refried beans sound delicious. Jamey and I have been eating/drinking fruit smoothies for breakfast- blueberries (our freezer), apples (stored, local), ice, and marked-down bananas (Jamey is allowed to buy bananas- he's in the midst of a three-week Daniel Fast). They are really delicious.

  2. You don't HAVE to soak dried beans if you don't want to (though it's a good idea)---you just have to cook them LOOOOOOONG enough.

    Me? Tried anything new? WELL. I made a chocolate-almond cake, tomatoe-y-spinach white beans, butternut pilaf, coconut-chicken soup, a different black bean soup, a different type of apple crisp, and I cooked too of our most recently butchered chickens and made the thickest broth I have EVER made...and I think that's all. My family hasn't been too happy with me, but then, I'm used to that.

  3. Thyhand... for some reason I always though smoothies were made with milk or vanilla ice cream...Just fruit? hmmm... that would be an excellent way to use up for 10,005 gallons of blackberries that are in the freezer. are a crazy lady... how much is your food bill each month? Your *new meals* sound like they could be on a restaurant menu.

  4. Jumped over here from Subsistence Pattern blog, you have a good forum here. This week I made cultured buttermilk and used it with berries I froze last summer and a little local honey in delicious smoothies. Have you read 'Clean Eating' magazine? Check it out at .. good recipes not from boxes or filled with chemicals.

  5. Mrs. Mac... thanks for the tip... I'll check it out :)

  6. Your refried beans look DELISH! I've never made them from scratch before, but I think I am going to have to try that recipe.

  7. Green Home... YOU NEED TO MAKE THEM! In fact I think I'm going to start another batch today... I had been eating them for breakfast ans lunch they were so good!


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