Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sunday garden photo's....

The weather this weekend was perfect! Not a cloud in the sky... it feels like spring...ahhh if only it WAS SPRING...I'd be sooo happy. If I don't get to plant something soon... somebody is going to get hurt... and that's all I have to say about that!

I spent the morning raking up all the leaf litter around that raspberry plants... I'm especially looking forward to this summers juicy red raspberry crop... this will be the second summer for my raspberry canes so according to the "raspberry people" I should get double the amount of fruit this year. Let's hope so!

I currently have 7 rows, about 12 ft long of raspberry plants...soon to be 8 rows as soon as I can haul some compost over to the additional row and transplant some canes. From what I hear raspberries spread like crazy...

I guess I didn't pull up all the onions last summer... which is fine by me... because now I have some green onions for omelets and taco night...

The handsome husband shoveled the rest of the rock for me...

Hopefully next weekend I can build the 2 additional garden beds I now have room for...

I'm sooo glad we moved the rock away from the garden beds... now I don't have to worry about tripping over them.

I also weeded and cleared last years red potato's about 18" wide by 40 feet long... I'll have to look in my garden book to see what I should plant there this spring... Peas or cabbage maybe?

My garden bench looks terribly lonely...

I spy with my little eye...
Garlic...It's starting to sprout...

I also started the super fun task of separating and transplanting my strawberry plants...I have more than I could ever hope for... I need to think of a clever way to get rid of all the extras...
I'd put them on freecycle or craigslist but I'm afraid of weirdo's...

Yep... I think two boxes of strawberries will be plenty...


  1. Oh, I wish we could grow raspberries it is way to hot here in the summer, ditto on rhubarb can't grow that either. Some stores here are already stocking seed potatoes we can start planting those in Feb. Your gardens look great.

  2. Oh Mavis ~ I am jealous of those berry plants...the thought of all those bright red beauties just waiting to be eaten...ohhhh!! Makes me wish we had more than one garden box ~ ok...I've got to be content, right? Start small...right? Enjoy! :)


  3. I like the way you set up your raspberry patch. You will find that they do indeed spread like crazy. Most of our new plants come from those that we have pulled out of the paths in between our rows. So keep an eye on your paths this spring, they are really easy to transplant. You have a lot of strawberries!

    Your new border looks great, you will have quite the garden this summer with so many raised beds. How many did you start with?

  4. Viki... are you going to plant potatoes this year? What kind?

    Camille...I highly recommend starting small... then again I rarely seem to follow my own advise :)

    Mr. H...What is now the raspberry patch was in fact my first garden. Then last spring it became the raspberry patch and then I built (14) 8' by 4' garden boxes... which at the time I thought was a crazy amount... I seriously would love to add about 20 more... and try and grow most ALL our food... but I will have to sneak them in a few at a time so I don't alarm the handsome husband of my bigger plans :)...and BY THE WAY... I know it was you who marked the "I could live forever... I wouldn't starve to death because I'm a seed saving rockstar" button thing...I had to create that one just for you and Mrs. H. :)

  5. Beautiful, Mavis. I can't wait to get out in the garden again this spring, too- it feels like it's been two years since I didn't do a whole lot being so pregnant with M last year. Warm breezes, green shoots.... Winter, be gone!

  6. I plan to plant Yukon gold and russet, they seem to do better here. I have one tomato plant that I hope makes it through the winter so I can have real early tomatoes. I is in a large pot that never made it to the garden last year. Should be starting my seeds very soon. I'm waiting for the weather to warm up a little so that the Red Russian Kale will start to grow. So far it has survived uncovered down to 20degrees, some tough plants. I want some fresh greens for supper.

  7. Viki... I ordered Yukons too...mmmm yumm!

    Thyhand...Yep... I'm ready for winter to be gone too. I NEED TO PLANT SOMETHING!


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