Monday, January 11, 2010

Weekly Dinner Update.... Week 1 of 52

8 jars down... 310 to go...

from here on out...if you see (*)next to something was home canned/grown

Monday night we had chuck steak (organic, grass fed out of the freezer) with *green beans, carrots and potatoes...and a chocolate cake (from my 5lbs of cocoa) with *strawberry puree and homemade chocolate ice cream.

Tuesday we had Lima beans stewed in *tomato sauce with sausage and homemade cornbread and more chocolate cake.

Wednesday we had burritos with refried beans, organic, free range buffalo meat, avocado,cheese sour cream & *salsa

Thursday we had Pasta (left over taco meat mixed in) with *tomato sauce and french bread (out of the freezer)

Friday was waffle night... I added *peach butter to mine...

Saturday I tried a new recipe from MamaJJ & Thyhand...
DELISH! You should make this!

and homemade carrot cake and vanilla ice cream for dessert.

Sunday we had leftovers (sorry no photo)


I learned a few things this week....

#1 I had no idea we ate so much meat... We had it practically with every meal... interesting...

#2 I don't see myself with a career in "food styling" or as a chef...

#3 I liked dried beans... who knew? I think I might try and make some homemade chili next week!

#4 I wonder what my weekly dinner updates are going to look like a year from now... will I still be eating like a truck driver?... Or will I be making more healthy choices for my family?


  1. I wish we lived in your neighborhood so you could feed me AND go through cans faster! I am really going to enjoy seeing what you guys are eating each week!

  2. Hi Mavis! I am smiling! :) I love the second observation...about being a food stylist ~ what are you talking about?? I think you did a great job of photo documenting the week...I especially LOVE the look of that chocolate cake! Are you planning to share the recipe?? I for one would love to have it...but only if you have time!

    Oh I really enjoy homemade chili and it's really not difficult to soak those beans. Just begin the process the night before. WAAAY cheaper than buying them in cans and WAAAY healthier too!

    Have a terrific night.

  3. I just ate supper and yet you succeeded in making me very hungry. That avocado...the cake...the waffle...oh MAN. You're being kind of cruel, don't you think?

    I'm glad to hear you liked that chicken recipe.

  4. Wednesday = I love every thing about it. By the way, I did not see your poll until now and did indeed click the forever button. So the other forever person is still a mystery.

  5. It's hard to take attractive pictures of food, huh? I always feel like mine look like barf on a plate. I too feel a career in food styling is out of the question.

    Our menu this week is pork tenderloin, tacos, steaks and chicken parmesan. Also meat heavy...I try to just cut down the amount of meat we eat, like we split one steak and mix beans in with the taco meat. Stuff like that.

  6. Leopard Girl...why do you have to live in the neighborhood to eat at our house? Why not just move in...the monkey's would LOVE IT!...Want some canned peas?

    Camille... I think I have a "How to use 5lbs of cocoa powder" post coming up soon :)

    MamaJJ: WE LOVED THE CHICKEN! I need to figure out how to make it into a perfume so I can smell like curry chicken all day long...

    Mr. H...hmmm.who could it be?

    Tori... are you referring to your "cheese lasagna"...I think we need to take a class at Sur La Table... I want to take the bread making one...but I don't want to go alone... & I don't want to have to talk to anyone either...well except you...if you go I'll talk to you :)

  7. OOOHHHH...I can hardly wait! :)


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