Monday, February 22, 2010

Weekly dinner update 7 of 52...

Monday Night was baked potato night... We stayed at a hotel with a kitchen on our snowboarding OF COURSE I brought food along to prepare so we wouldn't have to go out to eat (ie: pay super crazy prices for food/sending me into shock thus saving a trip to the ER)...I happened to bring along some large baking potatoes...(and sour cream) and when we were loading up the car to leave... a potato rolled out of the bag and onto the garage floor... "Oh C'mon... WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU... potatoes? Who brings POTATOES with them on vacation?" The handsome husband was not amused. I personally... thought it was a Kodak moment... even the girl who thinks shes a bird said "Why does Dad always freak out like that? I like baked potatoes"

Tuesday night we ate cheese quesidillas...

Wednesday night the handsome husband made chicken stir fry...
Kung Pow (Po?) Chicken... and fried rice.
I just recently discovered they sell sugar snap peas & bean sprouts at the store (I can't wait for fresh ones from the backyard)

Thursday night was tuna melt with red pepper & carrot slices...
simple & delicious...

Friday night we ate Chicken fajitas... I got the idea from Tori's picture... and I had all 4 of the ingredients on hand... well actually... I had to trade Mrs. Hillbilly for an onion... I traded her a new (free) razor for 1 onion. Now... if only I could find someone in the neighborhood who likes body wash... I'd be set.

For Saturday nights dinner I pulled out the remaining chicken wings (from the chicken bbq last summer) from the freezer and yet another package of frozen sausages from the worst party ever... I don't like chicken wings (I have a thing about eating meat off the bone) and I wasn't in the mood for smelly sausages... so I just had a biscuit... with jam... and 1 piece of asparagus... (the handsome husband MADE me try it) and HH if you are reading this... I STILL DON'T LIKE ASPARAGUS!

Sunday we had ....surprise surprise... soft tacos... with a tortilla full of guacamole... and it was goooood! We only have 3 avocados left to last us til March 1st... (I only have $10 for food dollars for the rest of the month) I hope I make it.


  1. What? No refried beans this week? What's WRONG with you? Are you, perhaps, SICK OF THEM???

  2. Nice job doing your own food on vacation. Growing up, we always took all our food on vacation. I thought everyone did.

    I can't believe you don't like asparagus. I am so sorry. It is, hands down, my very favorite vegetable.

  3. I thought everyone carried potatoes around with them on trips? It's not as if you are toting around a bag of beans or something.:) Besides, spuds are good for snowboarders...all those carbs. Oh, and in the olden days people would heat those spuds, put them in their pockets to keep hands warm, and then eat them for lunch. The grandson and I tried that last really works great.

    I really like the sound of those tuna sandwiches...yummy.

  4. I like the simpleness of just a baked potato dinner ... the creativity of biscuits, jam & asparagus (It's good for you:) ... but I think HH's chicken stir fry is my pick for the week.

  5. mmmmmm all looks soooooo good!!! especially the asparagus ;) asparagus is best, fresh picked out of the garden, eat while checking out the rest of the garden :D

  6. Mmm...we ate our fajita leftovers Friday night, too. I am so surprised we got two dinners that left us completely full out of one chicken breast. I like reducing our meat consumption that way rather than going completely meatless...

  7. Just stumbled across your blog today...LOVE IT! You crack me up and inspire me at the same time! Can't wait to read more.

  8. Oh Yum ~ I LOVE asparagus!! As for the remaining food dollars...maybe you could bartar some of your free stuff for food...would that work??

  9. Thyhand... NO not everyone brings their own food on vacation... just us weirdos... and I like it that way... being weird is sooo much more fun than being normal :)

    JJ... how kind of you to notice... and FYI> I ate them for LUNCH ALL WEEK LONG... HA!

    Mr. H... had I wrapped the baked potatoes in foil and put one in my pocket my husband surely would of had me committed... but I HAVE done that before... and it's fun :) And by the way... you'll soon find out that I picked up 14 packets of tuna FOR FREE this month! Last moth it was free cheese... this month tuna... I wonder what will be free in March?

    Mrs. Mac... Yes, I think stir fry night was my favorite too!

    Roasted Garlicious... I feel the same way about snap peas and cherry tomatoes :)

    Tori... What are you making for dinner this week? I may just want to copy you again.

    Gridiron Girl... I think you could teach me a thing or two about photo shop... the pictures on your blog are awesome!

    Camille... good idea... in fact I'll head down to Mrs. Hillbillys after homework tonight and see what I can trade some free body wash or thera flu for...


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