Tuesday, February 23, 2010

What came in Mavis's mail box this morning?

It was like Christmas I tell you!
Not only did I get 1 not 2 but 3 surprises in my mailbox today...

Item #1
A COUPON for a FREE bottle of Excedrin...
Wooo Hooo
I know just who's gift basket I'm putting that in!

Item #2
A FREE Stayfree pantyliner...
(I'll have to double check my "wish list" and see who wrote down
that they like Stayfree products)

Item #3
A rebate check for $6.00...
Italy here I come!
I had to hold back the tears on that one...
I didn't want to smudge the ink making my rebate check invalid you know...

Ahhh yes... it was a "good mail day"...

So what came in your mailbox today?

Anything better than a free bottle of aspirin, a pantyliner and 6 bucks?


  1. A packet of spinach seeds! A b-day letter for The Baby Nickel from his cousin in HONG KONG! An issue of Bon Appetit!!!

  2. Netflix movie & junk mail! I'm still waiting for my free cream of wheat!!

  3. I got a $255 rebate from American Express:) Of course it took a lot of spending to get it... spending on air travel from our recent trip .. gas ... and general use. We always pay off the card each month ... so it's not a big deal ... this $ is going towards our late summer beef purchase ... minus my annual Costco membership .. leaves us with $205 free money!

  4. A coupon for a free sample of a "male enhancement" product. Not even kidding.

  5. JJ... I like the card from Hong Kong the best...

    Leopard Girl...I hope you signed up for the free toothpaste and the Kashi bar.

    Mrs. Mac... I think you win... I love rebates!

    Tori... I swear I did not sign you up for that!

  6. All we got was two unsolicited applications for Chase credit cards.:( But we got a Backwoods Home magazine yesterday.:) Good job on the rebates!

  7. Here is an idea... Collect enough free panty liners to build a large boad, make sails out of the aluminium cans, stock the craft with free food items and sail to Italy. Now that would be story to beat all stories on any blog. I think you would make national news with that one!

  8. Mr. H... BOO on the credit card offers... although I did watch part of a movie last week where the people crumbled up paper and stuffed there sweaters with it for added insulation... So you may want to hang on to the unwanted paper for that... and cool beans on the magazine...I love magazines (well... FREE magazines that is) We usually receive a few different subscriptions every year as gifts... it's nice to have something to look forward to :) Tell Mrs. H Hi for me... and good luck with her 1/2 marathon...I hope she blogs about it! I want to hear details :)

    Old Dixie: I think you meant use the cans for the hull of the boat and the panty liners for the sails... Otherwise the panty liners would absorb too much water... and sink... I'm up for anything... so if you want to map out the trip for me... I'll start stocking up on the panty liners asap :)

  9. Today's mail had two birthday cards for my hubby, one for my girl and a Costco magazine. $25 for Starbuck's was in one of the birthday cards for my hubby. :) Since you asked...

    Have a lovely evening!

  10. She is up to 10 miles but her March Vegas marathon has been cancelled because everyone down there bailed on her, imagine that. So now she will be running a half marathon with a friend of hers in Spokane in May (I think) instead...so she will easily be ready for it. The bad part about that is that we have to keep running the 10-13 miles until then.I told her she should just go for a full marathon, that didn't go over very well...she still hates running.:) I would do it with her but jeez it cost $75 to enter...she better come home with a shirt that has gold trim on it or something.

    I'll tell her you want her to blog about it, I'm sure that will end up on the same scrapheap as my full marathon plan though.:) As a matter of fact I will even remind her that my blog was her idea in the first place.

  11. Camille... Isn't this exciting? Everybody is receiving treasure in the mail. I LOVE it! Tell your hubby & Emma Happy Birthday from Mavis :) I hope you are baking them a special cake :)

    Mr. H... That is tragic...1) That they canceled on her and 2) That poor Mrs. H has to keep running until May... I'm all for the quick training method myself. $75 is steep... hopefully she gets a granola bar, a medal, and a free tube of chap stick to go along with her gold trimmed shirt.

  12. Thanks Mavis! I will tell them you send greetings! :) Howie's birthday was on Sunday (21st) and he got the Chocolate Roll dessert with Butter sauce...oh dear me! I need to do a marathon...or at least train for one. :) Emma's is on the 8th of March...so I have to figure out her cake yet...but I have some time.

    Have a wonderful day!


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