Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Weekly Dinner Update... week 5 of 52

Monday night it was chicken soft tacos... or actually according to the handsome husband... chicken burritos... "because a taco is open on the top"... I have no idea what he is talking about... I just smile and try to look like I'm listening to his jibberish...

Tuesday night I made beef enchilada's...with lot's of cheese... with an avocado on the side of course...

Wednesday night the handsome husband and the girl who thinks she's a bird made chicken stir fry together... Monkey boy and I don't make stir fry...because for some reason it's "their job"... they're the only ones allowed to make it...and I have no idea why... but why question it?

Thursday night we had pasta (with home canned tomato sauce) and bread from PANERA... this time I didn't burn it...

Friday Night we had avocado, bacon, onion and cheese sandwiches...
Yummm a licious!

Saturday Night... Salad with canned beets & avocado and a giant baked potato...
with a ton of sour cream...

Super Bowl Sunday we went to the Hillbilly's for Dinner...
I have no idea what I ate... but I had a great time :)


Enough about me...
what did you eat last week that was exciting?


  1. Youuu....have a plethora of avocado and I am jealous. I love them so much. Only Hass though. Florida avocado....eehhhhh notsomuch.

  2. I'm with you in the love for avocados ~ they are yummy! One of my favourite dinners of the week was Auntie Fran's Hawaiian Chicken ~ hope to put it on the blog soon. Super yummy! :)

    Have a great week Mavis!

  3. That avocado sandwich looks ravishing.

  4. nothing as delicious as all that avacado...

  5. There must be some sort of an avocado thing going around...we had one with breakfast. My, and grandsons, favorite meal this past week was my wife's kale quiche...so good. I love your sandwich!

  6. Amy, Camille, Stephanie, JJ, & Mr. H... I think we all need to grow avocado's indoors somehow.

  7. When we lived in Florida, we spent two years searching for a Hass avocado grower as opposed to a FL avocado. We finally found one, planted our tree, waited three years, and ended up moving the year it produced. *cries*


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