Wednesday, February 10, 2010

...and now a word from our sponsor...

What with all the couponing, gardening, and can collecting...

Mavis is exhausted...

and taking the day off...

and will not be posting today...

so please enjoy this picture of a giant banana slug instead...

....this has been a word from her sponsor (coupons anonymous)


  1. Oh my flippan flap jacks!! Where in the bloody heck did you find such a thing!!! YIKES!!!

  2. Yuck ... I'm glad we don't have giant banana slugs .. but they're probably a delicacy is some parts of the world .. slug-car-go;)

  3. I don't blame you for being exhausted Mavis ~ you even exhaust us! You always have lots to post about and days off are essential! ENJOY it...and as many more as you need ~ we'll all be here when you get back.


  4. Dear Sponsor Coupons Anonymous,

    We miss Mavis. Please tell her that a slug, lovely as he or she (Are they hes and shes?)is, does not cut it. We want coupon-clipping, can-collecting, chicken-taming and prom dress-wearing Mavis back. Now.
    Thank you.

    This has been a word from ThyHand's sponsor.

  5. Kathy... in the front yard...YUCK A ROO!

    Mrs. Mac... I bet you are right... maybe they would taste okay if the were deep fried?

    Camille... thanks, I think I need to find a pair of flannel pj's that have coupons all over them... that way I would have special coupon clipping pj's.

    Thyhand... let's just hope my next obsession is not something like polka dancing :)


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