Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Here we grow...

Today I spent the entire morning down at the community garden...
or what "will be the community garden" rather.

Last winter I mailed off my application to be a part of the first ever community garden in my area... and I was accepted... as soon as I read the article in the paper about the garden, I mailed in my money... and got a plot. I think it was one of those "you snooze and you lose" kinda deals...


I am now a proud "renter" of freshly tilled patch of earth.

Which... is kinda strange... for many reasons...including:

#1 I have my own dirt in my very own backyard... and it's FREE.

#2 Believe it or not I'm not super sociable... as in rah rah rah...
I love people and group activities.

#3 I don't like rules... (unless they're my rules)

#4 I despise long boring meetings where nothing gets done and people talk about their medical problems or that their dog ate a mouse and was up all night vomiting...

#5 It's been brought to my attention (more than once) that I can be kinda rude and abrupt and point out the obvious to people... and for this reason I will never become Mrs. America... but at least I know this about myself... and that's saying something ...right?


And now for the positive... and I think also... the real reasons I signed up to do this thing.

#1 I LOVE to grow food...

#2 I think MORE people show learn how to grow food...

#3 I now have an official reason to walk around in jeans that are caked with mud and Wellington boots at 2 pm in the city... and if a snooty high maintenance housewife gives me an OMG you look so weird disapproving look... I can simply smile and say something like "Hi... isn't it a great day to be outside in the garden?... I was just working over the at community gardens this morning... how about you? How's your morning going... what? Oh you just had to fire your landscaper because you are maxed out on your credit cards from all the botox, lattes, and hair extensions?... hmmm that's to bad"

#4 Did I just say that ...out loud?

#5 Forgive me...It must be all the preservatives...
from all that free processed food...

#6 More than anything... I want to set a good example... and show what you can do with a few seeds and a little patch of dirt...and hopefully just 1 person (that's all I'm asking for) will decide it's time that they try and grow some food as well.


  1. How fun, Mavis. Will the gnome be joining you at the community plot or will they stay back on the homestead?

    I predict you will be a hit at the community plot and those suburban ladies will feel out of place around you:-).

  2. For never being Miss America, you sure are posing like her in that picture!

    So, what are you going to grow in your little plot?

  3. Thyhand... I never though about Mr. Gnome... hmm... I'll have to ask him if he wants to re-locate

    JJ... I have to look in my companion planting book... but I'm thinking potatoes, carrots, and onions might do well over there... I'm still undecided (imagine that).

  4. Gotta love #3 reason to participate in your community garden;) More land = more food. Do you have to drive far? Or can you just walk to the garden?

  5. Mrs. Mac... Since I love to collect cans... I think I'll probably walk there... that way I can pick up some free gelato money along the way :)

  6. Fun times! I'm sure you will get along just fine with the other community gardeners...after all, look how well you get along with all of us! :)

    Have a great day!

  7. How exciting!! I am still waiting on word if I have a spot at our Community garden. Your grden neighbors will think you're the bees knees. Who knows, they may GIVE you their cans or coupons =) I agree, more people should grow food.

  8. Camille... you are funny :)

    Kathy... I hope you get a spot... I think it might be kinda fun... and plus I will have an extra place to unload all of my extra zucchini!

  9. The more veggies the better, you are going to be even more busy than usual this summer. I'm curious, when do you plant potatoes in your area?

  10. Mr. H... The first weekend in April...I think my order from seed savers ships next week... just in time!


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