Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A new Challange for Mavis...

I read about the 3/50 project in the newspaper awhile back...
and have been giving it a lot of thought lately...

Basically the idea of the project is to shop at 3 small stores in your community that are locally owned (small business owner) and to spend $50 a month at each store.

1. It helps small business
2. More money stays in the community
3. It's a feel good thing


Could I do it?
Notice how I said 25% of my budget?
That would still leave me with $300 of possible "fun"
ie: coupon crack money.

After 2 months of meager jumping off the processed food chain results...
I need to do something drastic about my horrible... processed ..."but it was on sale" ways...

So in true Mavis fashion...
I'm ready to dive right in ...
Without looking back...


Store #1 Mom & Pop Health Food Store

The Mom and Pop health food store is about the size of my family room. The selection is not huge (there are exactly 2 aisles) produce (none this time of year anyway)... they mostly sell dried goods, granola, flour, raw milk, ghee, a few organic meat products and vitamins... it's the kind of store I wish I shopped in all the time... but I don't... because I'm a coupon aholic.

Store #2 Local Produce Market

The local produce market sells things like... well... local produce (when in season/otherwise imported) jams from Stonewall Kitchen, and fancy foodstuffs like funky $20 pasta...and a few gift items as well. If I was Ina Garten... this is where I would shop for food.

Store #3 MIA

Missing in action... I couldn't come up with another store. Mainly because I hardly buy anything... I mean... I buy food and crap like that ... but I don't buy much in the way of clothing or "needless" things... So here's the deal... if I survive this month I will add a Store #3 to the list... (well kinda)... if I had to pick another place to spend my food dollars it would be at the farmer's market... but that's not open yet... so we will wait and see how this little experiment pans out.

Both of these stores are run by their owners...
Kinda like what a store used to be the old days... you know... like on Walton's Mountain... only without Mr. Ike Godsey running the store in his pressed white apron alongside his snooty pa tooty wife Cora Beth (he should of never married her) trying to be helpful (everyone knows she was really just there for the daily gossip from the Baldwin sisters anyway)...


What do you think would happen if I spent 25% of my grocery budget locally this month?

Do you think it could help to curb my processed ways?

Do you think I'll learn anything from this little experiment?

Do you think this is a dumb idea... or a step in the right direction? As usual... I'll photograph everything... and post about it at the end of the month.


...or rather...Bran Flakes!

(I don't think they sell cheerio's at the health food store)


  1. I love it and am looking forward to hearing how it goes for you...great idea. Just imagine if everyone did this.

    I always felt sorry for Ike. I'm a grandpa Walton fan myself, he knew how to enjoy life and didn't take crap from anyone.:)

  2. I think this is a great idea. It will produce a different kind of feel-good endorphin than what the coupons deliver.

    I love shopping at our little (non-chain) grocery store. Even if I have to pay a tad more, I'm glad to avoid the giant grocery store chains and support local business. And, you know what? They actually listen when you suggest a new product and encourage suggestions. I love that.

    Way to go, Mavis! I'm excited to see how your month turns out. I think you'll love it:-).

  3. You're headed in the right direction!

  4. I suppose I'm not allowed to count Amazon as a local business? Drat.

    I have been looking for local Etsy shops to get stuff like diaper covers from...that should get bonus points in the 3/50 project I think. :)

  5. You can do it!! I have no doubt!!! =)

  6. Keep going...I agree this is a better direction to be going in! :) What are the plans for those pinto beans?? How cool is it that they have been "triple washed" it!

    Have a fun time figuring this all out!

  7. This is a turn for the better (use of time.. etc.) and it will help your local economy .. a plus. When things come by too cheap ... and big business is involved ... it hurts mom and pop stores for sure. Here you will find the heart beat of the local economy ... with a face and a name ... not just a bar code or coupon 'fix' (OK crack). My two local stores are the health food store and a butcher shop that has local meats ... smokes their own hams ... has real meat hanging behind the glass wall ... and you can tell it came from an animal ... not a plastic tray. Just last week I had questions for the owner at the health food store about a shampoo ... he said be sure to bring back the product I purchased if I didn't like it because he wants me to find one that won't cause allergic reactions. How cool was that? You can do it ... yes you can. Can't wait to see what you do with all those beans ... do you sew? they'd make quite a quantity of bean bags;)

  8. Mr. H... I love the Walton's...why can't I have neighbors like that?

    Thyhand... I actually don't care what the price is at the health food store... It's strange how I can turn off the "must get the best price possible" button when I walk in there. I like the people who run it... and they actually know what they are selling and can answer any questions I have. I LOVE it!

    Tori... Amazon Fresh DOES NOT COUNT... ETSY does... those are my rules for you :)

    Kathy... I can do it alright... in like 2 transactions... :) I just hope I don't get sick of happy bacon and avocados...

    Camille...OH PLEASE... do you REALLY HAVE TO ASK what I am going to do with all those pinto beans? I had beans and rice for breakfast again this morning...

    Mrs. Mac... Yes, I sew...but I plan on EATING the beans... no bean bags for me... Camille posted the BEST EVER refried bean recipe about 6 weeks ago and I have been eating them ever since... Yumm a licious!

  9. I suspected as much...but you never know, maybe you had other plans for them! :) I am glad you are enjoying the recipe...I am jealous of your big bag of prewashed great is that!

    Have a great night!

  10. I love my local health food store they carry the best ever Amish Butter. When I have an overabundance of garden produce they have been know to buy it from me. Once I came in with fresh broccoli and the costumers literally were waiting in line. Shows it works both ways when you shop local.


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