Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Weekly Dinner update... week 8 of 52

Monday night we had pulled pork (I found it at the bottom of the freezer) organic rice, home canned green beans and biscuits.

Tuesday it was oatmeal with banana's a raisins...

Wednesday was waffle night with yummy peach butter
and home canned peaches...

Thursday night was stir fry and pork fried rice...

Friday was yellow garlic soup...

Saturday the handsome husband demanded hot dogs and french fries...

On Sunday we had guacamole and chips...

...and then some sort of garlic cheese spinach sausage from the depths of the freezer, mashed potatoes and home canned green beans. If I have any hope of eating all the canned goods by July 1st I better get crackin...

One thing is for sure... this year I plan on making 52 jars of canned salsa. One jar for each week of the year. We are all out... and unless I can get it for free...I guess we will have to go with out until the tomatoes are ripe :(


  1. Your stir fry looks devine! Yesterday when I went down to our pantry in the basement I was astonished to see that we are down to 2 remaining jars of homemade salsa!! YIKES!! But, we have 35 large jars of our homemade tomato soup and 26 of sweet pickles. That was the total AFTER taking a box upstairs to stock the kitchen & to bring several jars to my brother & sister's house. The rest of the homecanned goods seem to be going down. Do you have any recipes that call for sweet pickles & tomato soup? LOL

  2. I hear you about canning more salsa. I look at my pantry and see five bottles of home canned ketchup that could have been made into salsa and sigh. My pick for the week is the oatmeal ... not to say the other's don't look good ... but I LOVE oatmeal.

  3. I would demand hot dogs too after having to have breakfast for dinner two nights in one week.

  4. Emma came down this morning in a grouchy mood. THEN she saw your opening pic! She chuckled...has her Mum's sense of humour that girl! :) Great opener Mavis!

    Have a fun day ~ I'm sure you will!

  5. Kathy... hey... what about tomato soup with grilled cheese sandwich and a pickle on the side :) YUMMM... what time is dinner?

    Mrs. Mac... I could oatmeal for breakfast forever... yummm a licious!

    Leopard Girl... this is me... sticking my tongue out at you :)

    Camille... I just checked... there is no Albertson's in Blaine... we will have to meet in Bellingham... just as soon as I can put my scissors down... must... clip... more... coupons...

  6. Thanks for checking ~ the sign of a true friend and coupon cutter/collector! :) I rarely get down as far as Bellingham...I try to do the whole thing from my house and back within 30 minutes or so...LOL...gets fun, but can be done! :)


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